What is Practical Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practise for developing greater self-awareness, proven to lower stress and anxiety and to enhance wellbeing. In adapting this ancient Buddhist practice to modern society, Mindfulness often takes secular or practical forms that do not follow religious tenets but focus on present moment awareness in the body and consciously directing focused attention.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own, unguarded thoughts.”

– Buddha

Practical mindfulness seeks to encourage a path of contemplation rather than periods dedicated to meditation. One’s life becomes a moving meditation, with increasing self-awareness of what arises both on the inside and outside.

This practise is dedicated to the awareness that we are not our thoughts, but are receivers of thought, very closely influenced by our vibrational frequency. Thoughts arising from a disempowered place can lead to unwanted actions and effects in the world and will influence what we think our goals should be and what we think is ‘going wrong’ in any given moment and therefore, what we think we should be doing about it.